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Research proposals written by the best academic experts

Academic experts say that a good research proposal is a half-written dissertation. Indeed, you are supposed to plan the whole structure of your paper. A well-elaborated research paper proposal provides not only the vision of the future work, but also your background base. If you have never made a research proposal paper yet, or are not really sure how to prepare one so that it would be successful, our research proposal writing service is here for you to help you.

How to write a good research proposal?

Well that might sound easy: at first you make some preliminary research and then make a persuasive description of how important your contribution will be. The research stage is a bit intricate. Preparing your proposal for research paper you will make the following steps:

  1. Select the approximate direction of your research and find a potential supervisor. In some cases you may target more than one supervisor and see who accepts your proposal paper. That is, you chose not only the person you personally like, but see their academic background and competence, which will correspond to the specifics of your research.
  2. Detect a problem which you would like to study and sketch the hypothesis.
  3. Make preliminary theoretic literature and analysis material overview. That is tricky. You are not supposed to list everything you will be referring to in your thesis; however you still have to do much work. In some cases at this stage the students realize the problem they are interested in is already resolved. Then you have to return to stage 2 or even 1.
  4. Formulate the title of your proposal research paper. It must be at the same time concise but not too general, reflecting the essence of your research.
  5. Define the methodology of your paper and set the objectives.
  6. Wrap up your scientific or scholar intentions into a decent text of proper academic quality.

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